Four-tip Three-flute Wood Brad Point Drill Bit

Material: HSS 4241, 4341, 6542, M35
Process: Fully Ground
Surface Treatment: Bright Finish, Amber Color
Shank: Round Shank or Hex shank

Four-tip Three-flute Wood Brad Point Drill Bit 

Material: HSS 4241, 4341, 6542, M35
Process: Fully Ground
Surface: Bright Finish, Amber Color
Shank: Round Shank or Hex Shank


1.Made from high quality, hardened carbon steel for added durability;

2.Brad point tip provides accurate positioning for starting the hole;

3.Spur cutting edges reduce splintering and ensure a smooth, clean hole;

4.The TwinLand design improves guidance and accuracy and provides accelerated chip clearance, the second land provides improved guidance when hand drilling and seals the flutes to prevent chip squeezing and burning.

5.Round shank is designed for use in power drills, drill presses, and boring machines;

6.Bit is precision ground for use in furniture making, doweling, cabinetry, and other woodworking applications where an exact hole size is required.


Diameter Overall Length
3 61
4 75
5 86
6 93
7 109
8 117
9 125
10 133
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