HSS Subland Drill 3/8" with Pilot Step

Material: HSS 4241, 4341, 6542, M35
Process: Fully Ground
Surface Treatment: Bright Finish, Amber Color
Shank: Round Shank or Hex shank

HSS Subland Drill 3/8" with Pilot Step

Material: HSS 4241, 4341, 6542, M35
Process: Fully Ground
Surface: Bright Finish, Amber Color
Shank: Round Shank or Hex Shank

1. A Subland Drill is basically two drills of different diameters combined into one tool, retaining the individual characteristics and proper geometry for each diameter.
2. The dual cutting diamters produce holes properly sized for each size screw.
3. Recommend for use with cored high-RPM drills.
4. The subland drill provides superior tool life compared to that of a basic step drill.
5. Useful for cabinet making, fastening, woodworking and other home & professional applications.


Diameter Step Dia.
3/8 * 6" 11/64"

* Special sizes are available with a technical print.

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